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Lo|Hi 3 - Changes the game. Now Available.

My app, called Lo|Hi, just received it's biggest update yet.

What is Lo|Hi?

Lo|Hi is a number guessing game. The computer thinks of a number from 1-1000, and you guess the number. The highlight mode of the game is the Lie mode where the computer can lie to you.

Lo|Hi 3

Lo|Hi 3 is the first massive update to Lo|Hi. It improves upon old features and adds new ones.

Mode Selector on iPhone
We had 2 goals in mind while creating Lo|Hi 3, one was ease of use and the other was that it should be less complicated as compared with the previous versions of Lo|Hi.
The Mode Selector adds convenience and removes confusion from the user. The user knows exactly what he/she is going to dive into and start playing!

We want Lo|Hi to suit your preferences. We do not want you to be stuck with what we give. You can have your own Lo|Hi with Lo|Hi 3. 
We give you the capability to customise the themegame rules and much more...

Refined Lie Mode

Introducing Refined Lie Mode. What is Refined Lie Mode?
In Lo|Hi 3, we have only one lie mode. But by combining both Lie Mode and Two Lie Mode into one Refined Lie Mode, we are making it less confusing and complicated for the user. 
We are not giving up anything from the previous versions of Lo|Hi. You can change the number of lies under settings.

Introducing your little friend, Guide. Guide is a new mechanism in Lo|Hi 3. It helps you and motivates you as you play the game. 
The Guide Bar appears at the bottom of your screen at any view you are in.
Guide Alerts appear from time to time to give you useful tips about your progress.
Guide Notifications keep you alerted even when you're not playing Lo|Hi 3.
Guide Alerts and Guide Notifications are coming soon.

The next thing in Lo|Hi: Scores. 
For every game you play, you get a score. You have a separate highscore for every mode in Lo|Hi. When you get a new high score, Guide informs you about the win. Your high score also appears at the top of your screen.

Lo|Hi 3 is now available on the App Store for free!!!

Download now: LO|HI on the App Store
Learn more about Lo|Hi at our website: Lo|Hi website

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